Sears choice rewards program: Redeeming the points

The Sears decision reward program is a point-rewarding program that makes it possible for buyers to earn a point for each dollar spent on approved purchases once they use their Sears MasterCard to produce such purchases. The moment they have accumulated enough Sears points, they can exchange or redeem them for such items as electronics, household appliances, gift cards, travel tickets and hotel accommodation vouchers. A consumer can earn unlimited points, even though they may be valid for 3 years only. Unused points cannot be redeemed when they expire.

The primary benefit of using the Sears decision reward plan will be the Sears MasterCard that’s given towards the consumers. These cards are usable in all places that accept MasterCard transactions all over the planet. What’s additional, when a buyer joins the Sears choice rewards system, he or she is automatically entitled to a Sears MasterCard. Furthermore, they instantly come to be members of Sears Club, 1 from the richest reward programs in North America. How can they redeem their Sears points?

A minimum of 2500 Sears reward points must be earned so as to be allowed to redeem the Sears points. Members can effortlessly check their remaining or accumulated points by simply viewing the points balance on their Sears MasterCard billing statements. Sears points can only be earned, but not purchased. If members desire to acquire added points, they’re able to do so by generating added purchases utilizing their Sears MasterCard.

When a member browses the Sears option rewards web page, he or she could be able to view the readily available Sears rewards alternatives. The point value essential so as to obtain a reward is straight listed just below the reward options. You may browse by means of the reward options till you receive an item that properly corresponds for the number of reward points you have accumulated, and after that exchange your points for it.

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